New Market Hall and Cultural Events Centre in Újpest -Budapest

general design: István Bikki | FIRKA ARCHITECT STUDIO LLC

lead architect: Zoltán Bun PhD | FIRKA ARCHITECT STUDIO LLC

architects: Boglárka Balogh | Zsolt Dobos | Róbert Erdélyi | József Konrád | Veronika Kovács | Ildikó Palásti | Gergely Schöff | Áron Sümeghy

lighting technology design & 3D visualization: András Miklós Balogh | Gábor Baktai | Ferenc Haász madebylight

building electricity design: Ferenc Rajkai | Viktor Szalai | HUNGAROPROJECT ENGINEERING LTD.


Open community space

A peculiar quality of Szent István Square in Újpest is to be the most important community space in the District. As most significant parts of the complex renewal of an approximately 4-acre area a new Market Hall and the UP Events Centre – with a capacity of accommodating more than 4,000 visitors at the same time – were erected in Újpest and will soon be open to the public.

The building complex is intended to integrate various functions: it will serve as a meeting point, where people can communicate and connect, thus having a genuine community experience. A single space to recharge one’s physical and mental batteries.

Daily routines transformed into joyful activities

The New Market Hall and Events Centre has the potential of transforming any routine activity into a community experience and this was exactly the concept determined by the Client and the contributors: all levels of the building were deliberately designed as open community spaces.

The technology and environmental concept of the New Market Hall are both well-defined: it is high-tech and sustainable at the same time. Due to the basic functions the building was intended for (market and a home for events), the presence of technology was predetermined, just as the requirement of sustainable operation. Heating and cooling by waste water recovery systems, regulated LED and natural lighting enhanced by automated shades, recycling of grey water, consideration of the operation and synchronicity of various units, as well as the automated harmonization of these are all a prerequisite of conscious exploitation of resources and optimal performance.

Multi-purpose premises

The building consists of three major units: two replenishing-servicing levels under the surface, two levels for the Market Hall and two levels for the Events Centre (2nd and 3rd floors). All vendors’ tables and the majority of groceries are located on the ground floor, while butchers, catering and shops of larger size are on the 1st floor.

The three main areas (parking-servicing, Market Hall, Events Centre) are interconnected by infrastructural and visual elements. Infrastructural coverage is granted by unified vertical transit, mechanical and structural cores passing through the entire building.

The Events Centre – which replaced several rather outdated facilities –, an open roof garden and a lobby occupy the two top floors. These will host a cultural centre and a for-profit events hall. The multi-functional theatre and concert hall offers various ways of layout arrangements. The great hall has a capacity of 1,250 standing places or 500 seats, while the adjoinable section-rooms on the 3rd floor can accommodate additional 240 persons. The buffet located at the entrance hall of the Events Centre can cater the roof terrace as well. Supply and catering of the Events Centre is supported by a separate goods lift.

The building has a capacity of hosting more than four thousand visitors at the same time. This required an interconnected evacuation and smoke-extraction simulation in certain parts of the building. The structure of the complex was therefore fundamentally predetermined by the compliance with fire protection regulations.

Zoltán Bun PhD | lead architect | FIRKA ARCHITECT STUDIO LLC

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