custom order

unique solutions based on our customers’ concept, from a single piece to a standardized production

Our main area of activity is the development and manufacturing of custom made luminaires. We materialize the ideas of our customers, and fill the resulting products with the best available technical content.

sketch and meeting
The development phase usually starts out with a sketch and a meeting, where we discuss the requirements with the customer.

technical content
After the design details are set, we make suggestions for the best suitable technical content.

3D model
Following the confirmation of the technical details, we make a 3D model of the proposed product.

sample (on request)
After the design, size, technical details and used materials are set and confirmed by the customer, we can manufacture a sample.

manufacturing and quality control
After all the plans or the sample has been finalized and accepted, the manufacturing begins, along with the continous quality control. After completion, we conduct our extensive final inspection.

handover and technical support
The finished products are set-up for easy installation, then handed over at our production site, or if requested, can be shipped anywhere worldwide.