Máv Co. Railway Station – Kaposvár

Luminaire concept and spatial context: Balázs Kéry & András Göde | Kroki Studio

Architect: András Markó & Tamás Németh | MÁVTI Kft.

Electricity designer: Ádám Turi | MÁVTI Kft.

Designer of decorative lighting concept: Ferenc Haász & Anita Pintér | Madebylight

Restoration of decorative painting: Izabella Maracskó

General contractor: ZÁÉV Construction Private Ltd. | contractor: Zala-Elektro Kft. | Investor: MÁV Co.

The largest railway station of Somogy County has recently been rehabilitated with EU funding. Lighting technology development works of the historic-listed archaic buildings brought about the renewal of the interior lighting as well. Emphasizing the historical atmosphere and faithfully representing the epoch, 68 pieces of custom-designed pendants decorate the station building.