Kempinski Hotel Corvinus – Budapest

Architectural design: Tibor Fátyol | Artonic Kft.

Lighting designer: Ferenc Haász  | Madebylight

Interior design: MKV Design

Electricity designer: Zsolt Szelik | Planet Kft.

Investor: Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Zrt. | Coordinator and technical inspector: White Star Real Estate Ltd. | general contractor: Meto – Építő Zrt. | C.E.H. Kft.

It is always an exciting challenge to carry out the lighting technology plans of a luxury hotel.

Perfection – this is the credo of Kempinski Hotel Corvinus group of hotels, therefore, it is a basic requirement for custom-made luminaires, too, to be of premium quality and characterized by the most cutting-edge technological innovations, sophisticated workmanship and durability.

The spacious INFINITY event hall, renovated during the 1st quarter of 2017, has been decorated with gigantic and modern LED ceiling lustres covered by a specific material, which make family and business events an even more enriching experience for the guests of the hotel.

The corridor around the conference halls is illuminated by distressed brass wall lamps. The light of custom-made Zengővári luminaires fills the space through unique handcrafted glass globes.