Holle – Family living space – Budapest

The playful light and shadow effect of the “Holle” luminaire dominating the space always adds some more spice to any weekday dinner, Sunday lunch, holiday banquet, poker game, or a social event held in this living space.

The room, characterized by a tall ceiling height was filled by the interior designer with conscious illumination design, modern forms and perfect proportions. The HOLLE pendant is hanging from a height of almost 4 metres and receives its adjustable light from 24 pieces of LED lights illuminating the space sideways and downwards, as well as from a LED stripe hidden in a canopy on the ceiling.

The central luminaire has a modestly elegant appearance; it was created based on custom-made plans, using brushed stainless steel and light-transmitting opal acrylic.

The Holle luminaire has more to it than pure functionality; it boosts the atmosphere of the home and helps residents to recharge their batteries.