Esterházy Castle – Fertőd

Eszterháza – the 255-year-old Castle in Fertőd shines almost in its old splendour, thanks to multi-phase reconstruction works it has undergone.

Architectural design: Katalin Csillag | Zsolt Günther | 3h architecture

Lighting design: Ferenc Haász  | Madebylight

Electricity designer: Gábor Kun HUNGAROPROJECT ENGINEERING LTD.

Facility management: Esterházy Castle

General contractor: WEST HUNGÁRIA BAU Kft.ZÁÉV Construction Private Ltd.

Lighting technology partner: RIO LÁMPASTÚDIÓ Kft.

Technical specifications of the luminaire: Haydn 400 suspended direct – indirect luminaire | diameter: D4000 mm | installed direct/indirect power: 5x29x0.5W/100x2W | direct light | colour temperature: 3000 K.

Interiors redefined by designers are illuminated by custom-designed luminaires of high light quality. The ring lamp of a 4-metre diameter was designed to fill the entire space with light. An exciting detail is how the refracted light of the gigantic, modern shape pendant luminaire illuminates the magnificent space through crystal prisms.